In GOLDPACK we have recently completed a packaging system project for Forestia Norway. Forestia AS is a global producer of partical boards in various thicknesses and sizes both for flooring, interior walls, and ceilings. They are also one of leading suppliers of particle boards, both foiled and unfoiled for the furniture industry, and I-Beams. The packaging system project was worth over 2 million Euros and is one of the biggest projects GOLDPACK has done for European wood industry.

The packaging system line itself consists of numerous complex modules and components. Packaging system line contains multiple manipulators for packing and unpacking, foil packaging machines, robotic arms as well as stretch wrapping machines. Every single component of the line is connected to the transport systems of rollers, chains and tracks.

The manufactured packaging system line is designed to pack wooden plates onto pallets. The capacity of the line is extremely high and thus  represents one of the most developed packaging system lines in wood industry in Europe and also worldwide.

Having a good packaging and protection of your product is now a days an absolute necessity. Nevertheless, it is also extremely important that the packaging is optimized for every stage of your production process, and that the packaging system supports lean production. Available load capacity must be utilized efficiently, empty runs minimized and maintenance handled correctly.

In GOLDPACK we are extremely flexible and open to our customers who require their own needs and capacities as well as determine the type of product that will be palletised on our packaging system lines.

As a leading manufacturer in producing packaging systems in wood industry worldwide we are proud to say our packaging system lines are built from high-quality components and built in parts, additionally, our machines have the option of constant software upgrade which ensures even more efficient results and standards as our technology is developed. Moreover, client support is constantly provided all around the world.

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