A palletizing machine is a machine, which provides automatic means for stacking cases, bags, packages, trays, bundles of goods or products onto a pallet. Palletizing is a process of placing and securing products on pallets, usually at the end of a manufacturing line.

Because placing products onto pallets by hand is time consuming and stressful, in year 1948 a first mechanized palletizing machine was designed, built, and installed in a company called Lamson Corp.

Nowadays working with palletizing equipment is of a crucial importance in numerous industries worldwide. Therefore, palletizing machines are commonly used in wood and paper industry, metal industry, construction industry as well as in beverage and food industry. Palletizers are mostly incorporated in a bigger packaging system line, which ensures quick and efficient packaging for a range of products.

In GOLDPACK, we are producing a broad selection of palletizing machines and are proud to say we supply customers in a variety of industries worldwide. Not only are our products durable and safe to use, but also user friendly. Moreover, we are very flexible in terms of design solutions for our customers. Do you have limited space for your packaging line? No problem! We will adopt the design to your needs.

There are a few different palletizers available:

Palletizers are designed for palletizing boxes, cases, bags, packages, trays or bundles.



Bags palletizing machines are designed to help you reach higher production rates, improve the quality of your pallet loads and reduce employee injuries. Therefore, these machines are used widely by companies of all sizes who desire to minimize the risk of employee injury from repetitious manual stacking of bags or who wish to increase production without increasing labor costs.


Last but not least, the bag palletizer production capacity can reach up to 3000 bags per hour and speed can be increased by adding a second robot to the cell.



The packaging system is available in various forms, which cover a variety of applications for patterns, speed and type of format. Picking up and depositing boxes from the bottom produces safer and seamless handling without affecting box closing quality.


The box palletizer production capacity is reaching up to 3000 boxes per hour and speed can be increased by adding a second robot to the cell. In order to obtain a complete solution, additional options can be integrated to the end of the production line preparing your pallet for storing or shipping.

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