Компания GOLDPACKпредлагает экологически безопасные решения в сфере упаковочного оборудования. that are nature friendly and energy efficient. Furthermore, we are producing many different types of packaging machines – from система система, система депакетирования,, системы транспортировки паллет, автоматические и полуавтоматические вытяжные и упаковочные машины а также специальное оборудование.. Last but not least, packaging machines, manufactured by Goldpack, are user friendly as well as time and cost efficient. Moreover, all of our automated packaging systems solutions are in compliance with the highest standards required worldwide.

Команда наших специалистов прилагает все усилия для того, чтобы обеспечить надежность, долговечность и экономичность продукции. Мы разрабатываем новые технологические решения, которые смогут найти применение в различных отраслях промышленности, где уже используются упаковочные системы нашего производства. 

In the process of finding the right solution for each customer,  we include project managers, engineers and technicians with lots of experience in each project. We work together as a team and consequently deliver outstanding results  in fields of palletizing, depalletizing, pallet wrapping, conveying and other packaging systems solutions. 

With numerous experiences in production and planning the company became the market leader in different packaging systems technologies. As a result, our packaging systems solutions are sold all around the world by a wide range of distributors. 


Additionally, with our team of great experts in area of packaging systems solutions, we offer constant client support anywhere in the world. Our experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your calls, identify solutions and process your parts order for any part of our packaging system equipment. We ship 90% of standard parts of packaging machines same day as ordered.


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