Dear all,


in the time of COVID-19 pandemic, we are confronted with a situation that is affecting almost all countries in the world.  Here at GOLPDPACK, we are working very hard to keep efficiency at the highest level possible and to protect our employees as much as we can at the same time. This commitment applies to our customers as well. Therefore we prepared same information about our service in this time. 


Due to current COVID-19 developments and the restrictions every country has taken to assure safety of their own citizens, it is possible that there will be some limitations regarding the dispatch of service technicians to your site. Our aim is to give you the best possible service despite these restrictions. This newsletter contains two important tips to keep your production running as effectively as possible:


  1. Being able to reach service personnel, when your equipment needs maintenance, is the key to ensuring your production running smoothly. In times like these it is still important to deal with any potential malfunctions as quickly as possible.

    Thanks to the quick development of digital solutions it is now possible to communicate via network and offer our support from home offices.

    Available are digital alternatives in the field of service and maintenance, enabling the continuation of efficient support from distance, such as off-site diagnosis and error correction – with our “remote service”.

    With described technology we can quickly resolve up to 95% of faults or if necessary initiate further measures to eliminate the error in a short timeframe. This enables you to keep your production working and maintain full delivery availability.

  1. Many companies are currently seeing interruptions in certain supply chains and right now it is not clear how long this will still take. Spare parts are one of those goods which demand is rising. Delivery time for these goods can be – due to the pandemic – much longer than a week.

    Nevertheless, we are doing our best to assure our customers to have a large number of parts in stock. However, if you have a need for spares or you wish to safeguard your production for an emergency we recommend you to order as soon as possible, because it is still unclear how situation is going to develop.

We are here as usual for questions, so please do not hesitate to contact our team at any time.


From where we are standing it is currently hard to tell how the overall situation will develop, so to you and your families stay healthy and look after yourselves!

Kind regards,

Goldpack Packaging Systems