Palletizing with palletizer PAL3600X is fast, easy and efficient. Pallet dimensions which can be palletized are 800x1200mm, 1000x1200mm and 800x1000mm. Moreover, maximal load on the pallet is up to 2000kg, as well as higher if selected by our client. Palletizer contains control PLC system, which makes the line easy to control for all your employees. 


Products come over conveyor onto the palletizing table, when first line of products is full, entry is blocked, complete line is moved for the width of the products and the next line is palletized. When the sufficient number of product lines on the table is reached, the pusher pushes them onto intermediate plate and further onto the palletizing double plate. Meanwhile, next layer is being prepared on the intermediate plate. In the beginning the pallet is launched out of the empty pallet storage and stops on the palletizing station where it is lifted to the palletizing level. Afterwards, palletizing double plate positions layer of products over the pallet where it opens from the middle putting layer of products on the pallet. After this pallet is lowered for a layer height for the palletization of the next layer. Finally, the full pallet is conveyed towards the exit of the palletizer.



  • 该型码垛机配有伺服电机驱动进入线和用于成形线的推进器
  • 整层在托盘上用码放双板进行定位。
  • 程序化产品在码垛站前转弯
  • Completely installed and wired electric cabinet with PLC and control board.
  • 采用触屏显示器进行故障描述及诊断。


Special maintenance is not required. Moreover, according to enclosed documentation preventive check out has to be performed once a year and on this occasion eventual defects that occurred in the period from last check out have to be found out. Furthermore, regular monthly maintenance comprises only visual examination of the palletizer and lubrication of guides and chains and, of course, maintaining machine in clean condition.


  • Pallet dimensions 800 x 1200 mm, 1000 x 1200 mm, 800 x 1000 mm            (other dimensions as option)
  • 托盘最大荷载:2000 kg (有更高荷载托盘备选)
  • 控制电压:24 V DC
  • Control PLC 



  • 电源:400伏,三相,50赫兹,零线,PE
  • 压缩空气:6巴
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