AOP Sigma

Stretch wrapping machine AOP SIGMA FX is designed for most demanding applications and capacity up to 120 loads per hour.

Automatic stretch wrapping machine is equipped with automatic system adjustable for film capturing and cutting right next to the pallet no matter of pallet dimension. Additionally, Sigma is made from stainles steel and thus durable and long lasting as well as easy to maintain.

Automatic stretch wrapping machine Sigma also contains automatic load height detection, as well as regulation of rotation speed with frequency inverter. Furthermore, Sigma comes with pallet conveyor and top plate. Last but not least, automatic stretch wrapping machine Sigma is designed for 24 hour a day operation.


  • Peak Production Speed up to 120 loads/hr
  • Maximum Load Size 1200 x 1000 mm
  • Maximum Load Height 2200 mm
  • Soft start/stop with frequency inverter
  • Automatic load height detection
  • Regulation of rotation speed with frequency inverter
  • Wrapping cycle can start and stop at the desired height of a pallet
  • Touch panel 10 additional programs
  • Signal lamp



  • Conveyor
  • Stainless steel
  • * -C
  • Top plate
  • Automatic carton edge protection insertion
  • Automatic top sheet dispenser ADF 110
  • Automatic top sheet dispenser ADF 130
  • Special loads dimension
  • Welding with lateral movement
  • Loads lifting


  • Film Delivery System POWER 2000 variable electrical pre-stretch system 140%, 200%, 280%
  • Standard Pre-stretch 200%
  • Roll Carriage Standard
  • Wrapping Force Variable (Electric)
  • Standard Film Width 500 mm
  • Film cutting Film welding
  • Film blowing system
  • Film tension regulation
  • Speed regulation
  • Options:

    – POWER 3000 A Electronic pre-stretch system 0-300%
    – POWER 3000 D Digital pre-stretch system 0-400%



  • Approximate Shipping Weight 2000 kg